Tuesday, March 1, 2016

For the Win

For the Win by Brenna Aubrey
Narrated by Kirstin Leigh and Jason Clarke
12 hours 56 minutes

Audiobook Addiction
How Does she do it? Ms. Aubrey takes some of the most outlandish situations and makes them so real. This is the second of Ms. Aubrey's books I have listened to and I was stuck from the beginning. It's more of a ripped from a tabloid headline and then you get to watch the actual private aftermath. And, I'm not even a reality TV fan, yet I'm completely stuck in her books. There's so much realism within these over the top situations. I liked the little part about Jordan being homeschooled and how his father should have known he was too young to go to college at 16. I had to make that decision for my homeschooled son who graduated from HS a month after turning 16. I made him start at a Junior College for that reason. But, we struggled with it. He has always been so mature, yet there were times when we had to say, "Well, he is only 16." Ms. Aubrey deals with a lot of issues that everyone, and definitely women can relate to. But, she does it in such a fascinating way. Totally becoming one of my favorite authors. I listened to the first book in this series and had to listen to more.
And, this was a marriage made in heaven between story and narrators. Jason Clark and Kirsten Leigh are amazing!! I don't always like dual narrations. Sometimes the portrayal of the characters is so different from one narrator to the other, you feel you don't know them. But, these two are WOW! From one to the other, I felt like the characters and the feel of the story stayed consistent. I don't even know what else to say besides, I'm a fan!! I stayed up way too late and practically listened straight through, neglecting tons of things I should have been doing. And, that's what I love a book to do, completely take me away!

Reviewed by Marla JosephsMarla's GoodReads Reviews
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